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Integrative Chinese Medicine

With more than 24 years of practice, Dr. Bianca Brasil has developed a unique style of treatment based on ancient, classic and modern Chinese Medicine and the most recent medical research. 
Even though there is an enourmous diversity of techniques within the oriental medicines, restoring health and maintaining it depends on plenty of fundamental issues. The human body and it´s capacity of being healthy are regulated externally by the rythms of nature and internally by the movements of emotions, and for that reason, apart from treating symptoms we also teach the client to develop healthy habits of resting, nutrition, breathing, meditation and emotional management, or the treatment would be solely symptomatic and the disease would soon return. 
Each client is unique. For this reason each treatment and session is personally designed and delivered. The time of a single session may vary between 1 and 2 hours. 
Dr. Bianca Brasil treats people of all ages and health conditions, including infertility. Amongst the various Oriental Medicine modalities are: acupuncture, moxibustion, herbal medicine, cupping, guasha, and others.  
Sessions are available in person and through videoconference in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

Natural Psychotherapy & Flow Coaching

Dr. Bianca Brasil has been working with psychotherapy for over 24 years. She works with personal sessions for all ages and also sessions for couples, families and institutions. 
All therapy modalities are based on oriental philosophies (Natural Psychotherapy) and conventional styles associated to neurosciences. 
Natural psychotherapy and the Life Coaching method developed by her are brief treatments where all life areas are covered in a simple and practical way within a millenial order well established by Chinese philosophies. 
Dr. Bianca Brasil has great experience and international education in the treatment of depression, food compulsion, drug and substance abuse, anxiety, suicidal ideation, and ADHD. 
Sessions are available in person and through videoconference in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.

Ultimate Weight Loss

In 2015, Dr. Bianca Brasil developed a weight loss method based on Classic Chinese Medicine and called it UWM – Ultimate Weight Management (GDP – Gestão Definitiva de Peso, in Portuguese). With this method, people lose weight naturally and definetely without any need for diet, medication or physical exercise.
After the first months of training people in this method, our clients, apart from losing weight, also reported being cured of insomnia, menopause symptoms, different allergies, high blood pressure, gastroesofageal reflux, mycosis, inflammations and even type 2 diabetes, being able to let go of medications that had been prescribed to them for the rest of their lives.
In the meantime, the theory behind UWM was proven by the 2016 Dr. Yoshinori Ohsumi´s Nobel Prize, and since then, Dr. Bianca Brasil started to ally Chinese Medicine concepts to the most recent medical research, and today, with all the experience acquired along the years of teaching and practicing the method, she is developing her Doctoral thesis at the Paulista Medical School of the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP).
With more than 3,000 students of this method all over the world, UWM has been validated through scientific research and real results. UWM´s ultimate mission is to grant their practiocioners with the freedom to choose their food and also the relief and even cure for diseases once believed to be chronic and incurable, all of this in a natural, practical and simple way.
Today, the UWM method is available in online courses, in person courses, in company training programs and personal mentorships in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese.